Maren Walter

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Maren Walter

Research Interests

internal waves and mixing
physical oceanography of hydrothermal vents
ocean circulation
deep water formation and spreading
measurements of ocean currents with acoustic methods
analysis of ship-based observational data

Curriculum Vitae  
since 2006 Research scientist, Institute of Environmental Physics (IUP), University of Bremen
2004 - 2006 Postdoctoral researcher, Institute of Environmental Physics (IUP), University of Bremen
02/2004 Ph.D. (Dr. rer. nat.) in physics, University of Bremen
2000 - 2004 research assistant, Institute of Environmental Physics (IUP), University of Bremen
1997 - 2000 research assistant, Institute for Marine Science (IfM), University of Kiel
08/1997 Diplom in physical oceanography, University of Kiel
1993-1997 graduate studies in physical oceanography, University of Kiel
1991-1993 undergraduate studies in physics, University of Marburg

SFB/TRR 181 "Energy transfer in atmosphere and ocean", Projects W5: Internal wave energy dissipation and wavenumber spectra: Adaptive sampling in the ocean interior, L3: Meso- to submesoscale turbulence in the ocean; DFG 2020-2024.
SFB/TRR172 "Arctic Amplification (AC)3", Project C04: Coupling between atmosphere, mixed layer and pycnocline under Arctic amplification: the role of sea ice related processes; DFG 2020-2023.
HydroThermadec: Geochemical and ecological impact of hydrothermal processes in intraoceanic volcanic arcs - the Kermadec Arc (SW Pacific); BMBF 2016-2019.
IRTG 1904 ArcTrain, Prozesse und Auswirkungen des Klimawandels im Nordatlantik und in der Kanadischen Arktis, Project HB-06; DFG 2013-2022.
Cluster of Excellence "The Ocean in the Earth System”: Hydrothermal plumes at the ultraslow-spreading Gakkel Ridge, Karasik Seamount; DFG 2016.
RidgeMix: Topography controlled mixing along mid-ocean ridges; DFG 2015-2016.
Cluster of Excellence "The Ocean in the Earth System”: Hydrothermal plumes at the ultraslow-spreading SW Indian Ridge 10-16°E; DFG 2013.
FINE EDDY I+II: Eddies and finestructure variability in the NAC; DFG 2010-2013.
Randstrommix: Mixing processes in the deep western boundary current at 47°N; DFG 2007-2010.

Graduate Supervision
PhD: Natalia Sukhikh (2020), Georg Sebastian Völker (2017), Janna Köhler (2013), Mingming Li (2013), Ye Tao (2012), Uwe Stöber (2009)
MSc./Diplom: Florian Schmid (2013), Antje Buss (2011), Robert Meissner (2010), Janna Köhler (2009), Uwe Stöber (2005)

Bohrmann, G., K. Streuff, M. Roemer, S.-M. Knutsen, D. Smrzka, J. Kleint, A. Röhler, T. Pape, N.R. Sandstå, C. Kleint, C. Hansen, C. Dos Santos Ferreira, M. Walter, S. Kasemann, and W. Bach (2024), Discovery of the first hydrothermal field along the 500‐km‐long Knipovich Ridge offshore Svalbard (the Jøtul field). Sci. Reports, 14:10168, doi:10.1038/s41598-024-60802-3.
Bracamontes-Ramírez, J., M. Walter, and M. Losch (2024) Near-inertial wave propagation in the deep Canadian Basin: Turning depths and the homogeneous deep layer. J. Geophys. Res. Oceans 129, e2023JC020228, doi:10.1029/2023JC020228.
Heuze, C., O. Huhn, M. Walter, N. Sukhikh, S. Karam, W. Körtke, M. Vredenborg, K. Bulsiewicz, J. Sültenfuß, Y.-C. Fang, C. Mertens, B. Rabe, S. Tippenhauer, J. Allerholt, H. He, D. Kuhlmey, I. Kuznetsov, and M. Mallet (2023), A year of transient tracers (chlorofluorocarbon 12 and sulfur hexafluoride), noble gases (helium and neon), and tritium in the Arctic Ocean from the MOSAiC expedition (2019–2020), Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 15, 5517–5534, 2023, doi:10.5194/essd-15-5517-2023.
von Jackowski, A., M. Walter, T. Spiegel, P.L. Buttigieg, and M. Molari (2023), Drivers of pelagic and benthic microbial communities on central Arctic seamounts, Front. Mar. Sci., 10:1216442, doi:10.3389/fmars.2023.1216442.
Dede, B., T. Priest, W. Bach, M. Walter, R. Amann, und A. Meyerdierks (2023), High abundance of hydrocarbon-degrading Alcanivorax in plumes of hydrothermally active volcanoes in the South Pacific Ocean. ISME J, 17, 600-610, doi:10.1038/s41396-023-01366-4.
Purkiani, K., M. Haeckel, S. Haalboom, K. Schmidt, P. Urban, I.-Z. Gazis, H. de Stigter, M. Walter, A. Paul, and A. Vink (2022), Impact of a long-lived anticyclonic mesoscale eddy on seawater anomalies in the northeastern tropical Pacific Ocean: A composite analysis from hydrographic measurements, sea level altimetry data and reanalysis model products, Ocean Sci., 18, 1163-1181, doi:10.5194/os-18-1163-2022.
German, C.R., E.P. Reeves, A. Türke, A. Diehl, E. Albers, W. Bach, A. Purser, S.P. Ramalho, S. Suman, C. Mertens, M. Walter, E. Ramirez-Llodra, V. Schlindwein, S. Bünz, and A. Boetius (2022), Volcanically hosted venting with indications of ultramafic influence at Aurora hydrothermal field on Gakkel Ridge, Nature Communications 13: 6517 (2022), doi:10.1038/s41467-022-34014-0.
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Walter, M. (1997), Die Zirkulation des westlichen tropischen Indischen Ozeans im Sommer 1995. Diploma Thesis, Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel.

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