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VV Race-Synthesis

Regional Atlantic Circulation and Global Change

Cooperative Project, RACE-Synthesis WP 1.2

Funding: BMBF
Period: 2019 - 2020

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(click to enlarge) NOAC-Longterm Ocean Observatory in the North Atlantic
  • The Atlantic meriodional overturning circulation (AMOC) brings warm and salty water from the subtropics into the northern North Atlantic. Climate models project a weakening of the AMOC with significant impact on climate and sea level. To be able to detect long-term trends in the AMOC, continuous observations of the volume transports are needed, and they also provide a benchmark to evaluate models.
  • The project will combine time series and their variability on temporal and spatial scales from the NOAC array (figure) and other time series to quantify the circulation in the subpolar North Atlantic and to understand the mechanisms relevant for the basinwide variability. Of special interest is the relation between the intensified deep water formation in the Labrador Sea since 2013/14 and the strength of the circulation.