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Sültenfuß, J. Heliumisotope im Wasser: ein idealer Tracer in den Geowissenschaften? Geowissenschaftliches Kolloquium Göttingen (DE) 17.12.2003 (V)
Massmann, G., A. Knappe, D. Richter, J. Sültenfuß, and A. Pekdeger Application of different tracers to evaluate the flow regime at riverbank-filtration sites in Berlin, Germany 2nd Riverbank Filtration Conference Cincinnati (US) 16.-19.09.2003 (V)
Massmann, G., J. Sültenfuß, A. Knappe, and A. Pekdeger Using the tritium/helium age dating method to characterise two river recharged aquifer systems in Germany IUGG Conference 2003 Sapporo (JP) 30.06.-11.07.2003 (V)
Pape, T., R. Seifert, M. Blumenberg, K. Peterknecht, O. Schmale, V. Thiel, J. Sültenfuß, and W. Michaelis Seep gases, dissolved carbon compounds and noble gases at the Ukrainian Shelf (Black Sea), Part A EGS-AGU-EGU Joint Assembly Nizza (FR) 10.04.2003 (P)
Rhein, M., D. Kieke, L. Stramma, W. Smethie, and D. LeBel Spreading and variability of Upper and Classical Labrador Sea Water in the subpolar North Atlantic, 1997-2001 EGS-AGU-EGU Joint Assembly Nizza (FR) 10.04.2003 (P)
Steinfeldt, R. and M. Rhein Spreading velocities and dilution factors of NADW in the tropical Atlantic EGS-AGU-EGU Joint Assembly Nizza (FR) 09.04.2003 (V)
Keir, R., J. Greinert, G. Petrick, M. Rhein, and D. Wallace Methane emission from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge near the Gibbs Fracture Zone EGS-AGU-EGU Joint Assembly Nizza (FR) 09.04.2003 (V)
Kanzow, T., U. Send, W. Zenk, and M. Rhein Monitoring the deep Branch of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation at 16 N EGS-AGU-EGU Joint Assembly Nizza (FR) 07.04.2003 (V)
Sültenfuß, J. Grundwasserdatierung mit der Tritium-3Helium-Methode Braunschweiger Grundwasserkolloquium Braunschweig (DE) 25.02.2003 (V)
Kieke, D. Deep Water Circulation in the subpolar North Atlantic investigated with inverse-methods IUP/AWI-Block-Seminar Bremen (DE) 20.01.2003 (V)
Kieke, D. Wassermassenzirkulation im westlichen subpolaren Nordatlantik - Studien mit Invers-Methoden SFB-460 Seminar Kiel (DE) 13.01.2003 (V)
Huhn, O., and W. Roether Age Distributions from Tracer Data in upper North Atlantic Deep Water in the South Atlantic IUP-Seminar "Ozean, Eis und Atmosphäre" Bremen (DE) 07.01.2003 (V)