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  • (bold) : cruise carried out by the Department of Oceanography
  • (not marked) : participation of members of our team
RV Polarstern PS144 12.08. - 16.10.2024 Arctic Ocean
RV Sonne SO301 22.11. - 04.01.2024 Central Indian Ocean
RV Polarstern PS137 21.06. - 31.07.2024 Arctic Ocean
RV Maria S. Merian MSM121 23.09. - 16.10.2023 Newfoundland Basin
RV Meteor M188 07.03. - 13.04.2023 eastern South Atlantic
RV Polarstern PS131 28.06. - 17.08.2022 Arctic Ocean
RV Meteor M180 24.02.-17.04.2022 eastern South Atlantic
RV Atair 06A7006-1 05.-17.06.2021 eastern North Atlantik
RV Sonne SO283 20.03.-22.05.2021 South/East Atlantik
RV Polarstern PS122/3 16.02.-15.04.2020 Arctic Ice
RV Meteor M164 (GPF 19-1-105) 23.06. - 31.07.2020 North Atlantic
RV Maria S. Merian MSM93 (GPF 18-1-33) 26.06. - 30.07.2020 Fram Strait
RV Maria S. Merian MSM-85 20.07.-10.08.2019 Greenland Sea
RV Maria S. Merian MSM-83 17.05.-15.06.2019 subpolar North Atlantic
RV Poseidon POS-533-2 23.03.-31.03.2019 Azores
RV Polarstern PS118 09.02.-10.04.2019 Weddell Sea, Antarctica
RV Poseidon POS-523 02.05.-23.05.2018 Azores
RV Maria S. Merian MSM-73 06.04.-22.05.2018 subpolar North Atlantic
RV Polarstern PS111 19.01.-14.03.2018 Weddell Sea, Antarctica
RV Polarstern PS109 17.09.-21.10.2017 Nordic Seas
RV Poseidon POS-516 29.07.-18.08.2017 Azores
RV Maria S. Merian MSM-64 27.05.-22.06.2017 subpolar North Atlantic
RV Sonne So253 22.12.2016-23.01.2017 Kermadec Arc, Pacific
RV Polarstern PS101 09.09.-23.10.2016 Karasik Seamount/Gakkel Ridge, Arktic
RV Polarstern PS100 18.07.-06.09.2016 Nordic Seas
RV Sarmiento de Gamboa BOCATS 18.06.-28.07.2016 subpolar North Atlantic
RV Meteor M126 19.04.-21.05.2016 Mid-Atlantic Ridge in the tropical Atlantic
RV Maria S. Merian MSM-53 31.03.-09.05.2016 subpolar North Atlantic
RV Maria S. Merian MSM-43 25.05.-27.06.2015 subpolar North Atlantic
RV Sonne SO240 05.05.-14.06.2015 eastern Pacific
RV Maria S. Merian MSM-42 02.05.-22.05.2015 Flemish Cap and vicinity
RV Sonne SO237 14.12.2014-26.01.2015 tropical Atlantic
PRV Polarstern ARK-XXVIII/2 01.07.-30.07.2014 Gakkel-Ridge
RV Maria S. Merian MSM-39 08.06.-02.07.2014 Newfoundland Basin & Grand Banks
RV Maria S. Merian MSM-38 07.05.-05.06.2014 subpolar North Atlantic
PRV Polarstern ANT-XXIX/9 20.12.2013-05.03.2014 Filchner Ice Shelf
PRV Polarstern ANT-XXIX/8 09.11.-18.12.2013 Southwest Indian Ridge
RV Maria S. Merian MSM-28 09.05.-20.06.2013 subpolar North Atlantic
RV Maria S. Merian MSM-27 19.04.-06.05.2013 Newfoundland Basin
RV Maria S. Merian MSM-25 24.01.-05.03.2013 South Atlantic
PRV Polarstern ANT-XXIX/3 20.01.-19.03.2013 Larsen Ice Shelf
RV Samiento de Gamboa CATARINA 23.06.-26.07.2012 subpolar North Atlantic
RV Maria S. Merian MSM-21/2 25.06.-24.07.2012 subpolar North Atlantic
RV Meteor M85/2 05.08.-25.08.2011 subpolar North Atlantic
RV Meteor M85/1 24.06.-02.08.2011 subpolar North Atlantic
RV Maria S. Merian MSM-18/3 22.06.-21.07.2011 tropical Atlantic
RV Maria S. Merian MSM-18/2 11.05.-19.06.2011 tropical Atlantic
PRV Polarstern ANT-XXVII/2 27.11.-03.02.2011 Prime Meridian & Weddell Sea
RV Meteor M82/2 05.08.-01.09.2010 subpolar North Atlantic
RV Meteor M82/1 03.07.-02.08.2010 subpolar North Atlantic
RV Pelagia GEOTRACES Leg 2 11.06.-06.07.2010 western Atlantic
RV Pelagia GEOTRACES Leg 1 29.04.-26.05.2010 western North Atlantic
RV Hesperides MOC2-Equatorial 03.04.-16.05.2010 tropical Atlantic
RV Hesperides MOC2-Austral 08.02.-10.03.2010 South Atlantic
RV Arni Fridriksson SUBPOLAR-09 02.11.-16.11.2009 Mid-Atlantic Ridge, North Atlantic
RV Maria S. Merian MSM-12/3 15.07.-12.08.2009 Subpolar North Atlantic
RV Meteor M78/2 01.04.-09.05.2009 Central South Atlantic
PRV Polarstern ANT-XXV/4 21.03.-09.04.2009 Drake-Passage
N/O Thalassa SUBPOLAR-08 25.08.-15.09.2008 Subpolar North Atlantic
RV Maria S. Merian MSM-09/1 23.07.-18.08.2008 Subpolar North Atlantic
RV Sonne SO-196, SUMSUN 02.03.-26.03.2008 Pacific Ocean
PRV Polarstern ANT XXIV/3 06.02.-16.04.2008 Southern Ocean
N/O L'Atalante Merian OFF 05.01.-01.02.2008 Central South Atlantic
RV Pelagia 64PE278 26.10.-17.11.2007 Eastern Subpolar North Atlantic
RV Maria S. Merian MSM05/1 05.04.-15.05.2007 Subpolar North Atlantic
PRV Polarstern ANT XXIII/7, CRYONWED 24.08.-29.10.2006 Northwestern Weddell Sea
RV Poseidon P341 28.07.-14.08.2006 Mid-Atlantic Ridge, North Atlantic
PRV Polarstern ANT XXIII/6, LAKRIS 24.05.-06.07.2006 Weddell Sea, Southern Ocean
RV Meteor M68/1 25.04.-06.06.2006 Mid-Atlantic Ridge, South Atlantic
PRV Polarstern ANT XXIII/3, DRAKE 14.01.-08.02.2006 Antarctic
FS Meteor M66/1 22.08.-28.09.2005 Sub-/Tropical Atlantic
N/O Thalassa WNA-05 17.07.-16.08.2005 Subpolar North Atlantic
N/O Thalassa SUBPOLAR 02.06.-12.07.2005 Subpolar North Atlantic
PRV Polarstern ANT XXII/3, ANDEEP III 21.01.-06.04.2005 Antarctic
RV Meteor M62/5 a+b 07.11.-30.12.2004 Mid-Atlantic Ridge, South Atlantic
PRV Polarstern ANT XXII/2, ISPOL 06.11.2004-19.01.2005 Antarctic
Akademik Sergey Vavilov Good Hope 04.11.-08.12.2004 Southern Atlantic
RV Meteor M62/1 a+b 24.06.-06.08.2004 Sub-/Tropical Atlantic
RV Meteor M59/3 02.09.-27.09.2003 Subpolar North Atlantic
RV Meteor M59/2 21.07.-28.08.2003 Subpolar North Atlantic
RV Sonne SO-171 24.05.-13.06.2003 Sub-/Tropical Atlantic
RV Poseidon P298 01.05.-11.05.2003 Adriatic Sea
N/O L'Atalante CARIBINFLOW 12.04.-25.04.2003 Subtropical Atlantic
PRV Polarstern ANT XX/2, Epica 24.11.2002-23.01.2003 Southern Ocean
N/O Le Suroit ADRIATIC 15.09.-22.09.2002 Adriatic Sea
PRV Polarstern ARK XVIII 25.06.-18.08.2002 Greenland Sea
RV Meteor M53/3 07.06.-04.07.2002 Tropical Atlantic
RV Meteor M51/2 18.10.-11.11.2001 Eastern Mediterranean Sea
S/V Kommandor Jack 02 & 03 12.07.-29.07.2001 Northeast Atlantic
RV Meteor M50/1-4 02.05.-12.08.2001 subpolar North Atlantic
RV Sonne SO-152 29.11.-27.12.2000 Sub-/Tropical Atlantic