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H2020 Project COMFORT

COMFORT Our common future Ocean

Funding: EU
Period: 2019 - 2023

  • COMFORT will close knowledge gaps regarding the transition of tipping points in the ocean. The project focuses on the consequences for the oceanic carbon, oxygen and nutrient cycles and the impact on mrine ecosystems. COMFORT aims to provide added value to decision and policy makers in terms of sciencebased safe marine operating spaces.
  • The deep water formation in the North Atlantic plays an important role for the oceanic uptake of oxygen and anthropogenic carbon. Within COMFORT the influence of variations in the formation rate of deep water on the concentration of these tracers will be analysed.
  • The increased melting of the Greenland iceshelf could lead to a future reduction of salinity, density, and thus of the oceanic conveyor. On the other hand, the North Atlantic Current advects saline water of subtropical origin into the key regions of deep water formation. Both processes will be investigated with respect to possible longer term changes.