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Geochemical and ecological impacts of hydrothermal processes at intraoceanic volcanic arcs studied exemplary on the Kermadec Arc, SW-Pacific

Funding: BMBF, Auswerteantrag zu So253
Period: 2016 - 2019

  • Hydrothermal systems along volcanic island arcs are different to those at mid-ocean ridges because of their mostly shallow water depth and strong magmatic input into their fluids and hydrothermal plumes. As these plumes often reach up into the photic zone they discharge large quantities of material into the surface water layers.
  • The goals of our proposal include the characterization of hydrothermal systems at the Kermadec Arc and the understanding of their role for the global elemental budget of the ocean and for local chemical and biological processes in the water column and at the seafloor. Specific focus will be on the role of chemical speciation (redox speciation, organic complexation) and the influence of biological processes on the export and bioavailability of these elements.
  • To achieve these goals, we plan to investigate hydrothermal fluids, solid phases, and plumes, and biological communities from a number of different hydrothermal systems at the southern and middle Kermadec Arc. We will use the ROV Quest, CTD/rosette water samplers, and multicorer or grab systems in this interdisciplinary approach.