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Freshwater budget and salinity variability in the subpolar and suptropical gyres of the North Atlantic

(DFG Research Unit FOR 1740, TP 1.2)

Funding: DFG
Period: 2016 - 2019

Major branches of the North Atlantic Current and boxes used for reconstructing salinity profiles from Argo and altimetry data.
  • In the first phase, high spatial (0.25° x 0.25°) and temporal (daily) resolution salinity time series (1992 - 2012) in the upper 700 m were constructed using Argo data and satellite altimetry.
  • The objectives of the continuation proposal are based on the results of the first phase, and we will (i) analyse the monthly to multi-annual variability in the regional salinity contents; (ii) study the evolution and variability of surface and subsurface structures of fronts, meanders, and eddies, (iii) check whether the salinity reconstructions are valid in regions shallower than 1900 m depth in the Northeast Atlantic, and test whether the quality of the reconstructions of the salinity profile improve by adding satellite observations of surface salinity.